We are so happy to say that we are open for private groups! Please check out the information on this website to learn about the work we do at the ranch.Very limited days/hours will also be available for allowing the public to interact with our animals as a public outreach to learn about our non profit. We will also have a cap on the number of guests we can accommodate on those days. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

* We do not host birthday parties or do mobile petting zoos.

Public Days:

October 23rd 10-2

November 6th and 20th 10-2

December 4th and 18th 10-2

Therapeutic Zoo Info:

At Tanque Verde Therapeutic Zoo, Inc, our mission is simple: To provide a place for personal discovery and education via animal assisted activities. We welcome you to come and learn about our animals, interact with them and experience all of the sensory input that our natural setting provides.

We host groups from schools, churches, special needs homes and the general public (on select days). We invite you to visit when we reopen in the near future.

We have two current fundraising goals. First and foremost is to cover the basic expenses of the ranch while we remain closed due to the pandemic. The business lease on the land and animal care are not cheap, and our family is currently footing 100% of the cost. If we are lucky enough to meet the first goal, additional funds will be set aside to provide scholarships for our low income, special needs neighbors to access our programs free of charge. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donations via Patreon and this site are deductible on your federal taxes.

Our natural, outdoor setting is accessible to all and we can tailor programs to fit almost any need, including those with limited mobility, sight impairments and assistive devices.

From simple tactile interactions to assisting with long term goals, our animals are here to help. We foster relationships that can benefit our guests both physically and emotionally.

Interacting with animals provides many benefits for all visitors:

  • Social interaction – some find talking to others easier around animals.
  • Stress relief – petting and caring for animals is calming.
  • Physical exercise – feeding, brushing and visiting everyone at the ranch.
  • Motivation – the very thought of visiting the critters is a positive motivator for many folks!
  • Care providers also benefit. There is nothing better than seeing personal growth in folks you care for. You too may learn something about yourself while visiting our animals. 🙂

Teachers! We can provide advanced info on our animals to help with lesson planning.

Please contact us with questions. Thank you!

About the owners:

Susan and Clint Elliott have worked in social services for decades. Our love for people and animals inspired us to create both TVTZ and CritterED TV, which we hope will enhance lives in the most wonderful ways.

Most of our animals were raised by our five daughters, so their trust of people runs deep. We sometimes rescue animals, provided they are an appropriate fit and we have room! Please understand that being a rescue is not our primary function, for it is vital that our animals possess the necessary qualities for successful interactions with people in an educational and therapeutic setting.